Question: Mosquitoes

Dear Sirs, I come to your site with great pleasure every time. I have a question. Recently I moved south of Milan; unfortunately in an area where mosquitoes are many and large.
I am about to set up the garden and would like to take the opportunity to plant, if any, hedges, shrubs or flowers that mosquitoes don't like.
Thank you for the advice you will give me.
Good job, Patrizia

Mosquitoes: Answer: Mosquitoes

Dear Patrizia,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions about garden plants, through the "" expert's column. The study and research of the plants to be placed in a garden must be done in a way that satisfies our aesthetic taste, performs an ornamental function and is easy to maintain. The choice is a bit difficult if we have limitations on "type of plants" and environmental conditions. We have no indications of specific plants or hedges with "ANTI ZANZARA Action". Certainly it is very important to use plants that do not require an excessive amount of water (eg willow) that could stagnate on land, or swampy plants (banbes, papyrus etc.). In fact, mosquitoes multiply and deposit their eggs near stagnant water such as ponds, ponds and plant pots filled with water. You could also plant citrus plants and potted lemons due to the positive effect of citronella candles. In any case, the best advice is to contact an experienced nurseryman in the area who has a beautiful catalog of plants that grow well in his reality and that are not subject to many diseases.
Yours sincerely.