Meadow of helxine

Question: Helxine meadow

I have a small meadow with the helxine that is almost never trodden on except occasionally to reach a pair of aioule. all right until the month of July then the dry grass in the form of a circle that widens as the season continues. I imagine that it is a fungus which, however, proves to be resistant to the treatments recommended by some nurserymen: copper sulfate and vitex 4 / 40.what do you advise me to do? thanks

Meadow of helxine: Question: Meadow of helxine

Dear Ermannno,
Thank you for contacting us about the problems on your lawn through the Expert's address book.
The presence of yellow and dry circular areas in the lawn is due to a proliferation of pathogenic fungi.
Their development is conditioned and predisposed by various environmental factors:
· Excess water or stagnation areas
· Missed mowing in optimal time.
The possible causes of yellowing can be traced back to various types of fungi which, with the description provided, are not easily identifiable.
There are very frequent attacks of Pythium spp (microscopic fungus that attacks the collar and the roots and creates the death of the whole plant), Rizoctonia (fungus that develops with high temperatures and creates the death of the leaves), Sclerotinia (yes develops at low temperatures).
Given therefore that the main remedy is agronomic prevention, that is the draining of meteoric waters, the non-excessive fertilization in nitrogen, the current remedy will consist in removing the felt dried up the ventilation of the affected area, specific fungicidal treatments and re-seeding of the damaged areas.
Yours sincerely.