Balcony plant

Question: Balcony plant

Respectable. the Gardening,
I would like to have advice from you about the plants to put on the balcony (scarce 10sqm) of my apartment.
My idea is to place a small hedge on the edge of the balcony in order to have more privacy during the summer, but in the same way I cannot have plants that are too bulky because they would take away space from me.
I would like to have an opinion about it both on the type of plant to buy (name, cost, characteristics) and on the dimensions of the same (I would like to have them already a little high for this summer !!).
I greet and thank you in advance,

Balcony plant: Answer: Balcony plant

Dear Jennifer,
We thank you for contacting us about your questions on balcony plants through the "" expert's column.
The plants to be placed on the balcony must satisfy our aesthetic taste, perform an ornamental function and be easy to maintain.
The choice is a bit difficult if we have limitations of space, terrain and also in his e-mail there are no references to the brightness of the balcony, very important for the choice of the plant.
Normally due to the function of low hedges (0.80 - 1.20 m) various types of evergreen plants are used such as the Lauro, Bosso, Pittosporo, Cotoneaster, Viburnum.
If you like a flowering hedge, the jasmine plant is also very beautiful.
The best advice is to look for an experienced nurseryman who takes into consideration the current space, the future development of the plants and the aesthetic sense that one wants to achieve.
Yours sincerely.