Holly and forsythia hedge pruning

Question: When to prune a holly hedge and forsythia?

I have a hedge composed of Holly and Forsylia, I would like to know the best time to prune it.

Holly and forsythia hedge pruning: Question: When to prune a holly and forsythia hedge?

Dear Daniela,
the best time to prune your hedge is the month of April.
Usually the holly must not be pruned because, considering that it is a slow-growing plant with a compact habit, it is allowed to take on its natural shape. However, if you want to obtain forms, you will have to prune them in the July-August period after the first vegetative period. If instead the holly is used (as in your case) to create a hedge the best period is April.
As for forsythia, pruning should be done after flowering, that is generally in April.