Coccinosa cotonosa of citrus fruits

Question: White mal

I need help because I'm a little "ignorant" about plant disease.
I have a mandarin and a laurel plant that has developed a soft white animal that infests the branchy parts of both plants. I don't know what it's called or how it should be eradicated, so the mandarin is almost at the end and the laurel is not doing so well.
How can I do?

Cocciniglia cotonosa of citrus fruits: Answer: White mal

Dear Maria Cristina,
Thank you for contacting us about the problems affecting your Mandarin and Laurel plants. From the description of the soft white animals and the current state of your plants, we can consider that the insect that developed on
mandarin and laurel is the Icerya Acquisi, a citrus parasite belonging to the cochineal species. Certainly the infestation from the mandarin plant will subsequently develop also on the laurel plant.
The current infestation of whitish insects can be eliminated with the use of specific products.
So together with this prompt intervention we recommend a simplified program of pathological control and above all nutritional recovery because a more robust plant is notoriously more resistant. To eliminate the cochineal we recommend the use of mineral oil.
Yours sincerely.