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Ancient varieties plum tree

Question: plum tree

congratulations for the site I would like to have some information on the old varieties of plum tree. I thank you in advance

Ancient varieties plum tree: Answer: plum tree

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The plum tree (Prunus Domestica) is an arboreal plant native to Asia and is cultivated to obtain the fruits. There are 2 groups of plum trees: the Sino-Japanese and the European.
Generally it reaches heights of 8-10 meters, the crown is rounded.
The leaves are lanceolate, with finely serrated margins, of dark green color with inferior page that presents a thick hair. The flowers are generally white, bloom in spring and give life to roundish fruits of varying color from yellow to deep purple which are used for fresh consumption, for drying and for jams.
Regarding old varieties of Sino-Japanese plum we remember the var. Laroda (1954), Morettini (1946); Shiro (1889); instead regarding the varieties of European plums we remember the var. Bluefre (1947), Rhuth Gerstetter (1932).