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Question: Ficus benjamina which loses its leaves (2)

My name is Stefano I discovered this site with a search engine to find the word ficus beniamino. My gripe, the first time concerned the great loss of leaves of this plant that I brought home with the beginning of autumn. Peeking at other people's talks about this type of plant I calmed down as this is the characteristic behavior of these plants, but now I have the impression that the loss of leaves is really excessive, moreover, some twigs that had produced new buds , seem to be on the verge of drying up.
What can I do?
The plant does not seem to be affected by pests and is watered, now that the heating is on and the air is drier, in moderation, about once a week. Is it possible that the problem is located in the roots?
In this regard, they advised me to change the earth in the vase, which is already rather large, and to clean up the roots of the old earth and any mold formation in the operation, removing the diseased parts.
Will it not be too traumatic treatment in this resting season?

Leaves ficus: Answer: Ficus benjamina that loses its leaves (2)

Dear Stefano,
as you may have already read in the column, the expert replies, the ficus benjamina is a plant that suffers particularly too hot and dry environments. The first thing to do is therefore to move the plant away from heat sources (radiators, fireplaces, stoves, etc.). During the winter period the optimal temperature is 14-16 degrees and should not fall below 10 degrees. Watering must be very small. The ficus benjamina prefers bright environments even if it does not like direct sunlight. So it is possible that your ficus is in a dim position. If so, place it in the area with more light (but not where the sun's rays can reach it directly). If instead it is already in this position, it is possible that there are air currents, which are also harmful. The massive loss of leaves may also have depended on overly abundant watering which caused a fungal disease. In this case you can try a specific fungicide (easily available on the market). For a possible repotting it is however preferable to wait for the month of March.