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Question: Seed for the lawn

Good morning,
I'm Francesco Otranto di Trebisacce (CS) I wanted first of all to congratulate all those who in some way participated in the implementation of this site which personally was very useful to me as a vast, organized and easy to learn source for gardening amateurs like me (and it's not always so unfortunately ...).
I am writing because I intend to make a lawn in the garden of the villa by the sea.
The problem that I think I cannot solve is that of choosing the seed for the lawn.
Reading here and there I could understand that there are basically two types of grass for the lawn, those that develop and vegetate better under a given temperature and instead others that assume this behavior only above a certain temperature. Given that the period in which I would like to have a nice lawn goes from May to September, I assumed that the grasses of the second type are right for me ... but if so, what kind of seed or seed mixture should I buy, considering the very close proximity with the sea (30-40 mt.)?
I thank you in advance if you are so kind as to help me resolve this great confusion I have.
Kind regards.

Seed for the lawn: Answer: Seed for the lawn

Dear Francis,
the graminaceous essences that you will have to choose to make your turf are undoubtedly what you call the "second type", or macrothermal essences that can be tolerated and developed optimally with high temperatures. This category includes Cynodon dactylon, Stenotaphrum secondatum, Zoysia spp. In the choice must correctly consider the proximity to the sea for the presence of winds with brackish humidity containing Sodium and Chlorine and other elements that are sometimes phytotoxic to grass. It is advisable to drop your choice on commercial varieties of Cynodon dactylon, rhizomatous and stoloniferous rustic essence, very aggressive even in extreme environments. For a high aesthetic performance of the turf it is advisable to carry out an analysis of the soil, also of an economic nature, which provides the fundamental advice for the fundamental fertilization of the ground.