Aquatic plants

Question: Aquatic plants

I have a small country stream. I'd like to grow aquatic plants. it is located in a sunny, humid climate both in summer and winter.
Which plants could I grow, bearing in mind that the minimum water level is 40 cm?
Thanks and best regards.
Daniele (PD)

Answer: Aquatic plants

Dear Daniele,
We thank you for contacting us about the questions about your plants through the "" expert's column.
From the little information we find in his e-mail, we cannot give a precise indication of the plants most suited to the aesthetic-ornamental needs he wants to obtain.
Among the aquatic plants you can have various types of choices. There are those that float and those that anchor in the silty bottom.
Among the most widespread FLOTTING PLANTS or floating plants we report Salvinia, Eichornia, Pistia characterized by having roots floating in the water.
Regarding cultivation conditions (they grow very well in ponds and in tropical slow rivers) they must have:
They require water temperatures above 22 ° C
Even the ambient temperature must be above 18-20 ° C
The Pistia also requires moving water
They suffer from chlorine, which is rich in tap water, so it is better to use rainwater
We also point out the BAMBOO plant that belongs to the BAMBUSA family which includes many species (over 600), some cultivated for ornamental purposes.
The plant is characterized by a stem typical of graminaceous plants (such as wheat, corn and rice), with various colors, composed of cylindrical and internode nodes (cables) from which the shoots and leaves originate. Plants can reach various heights, from 1.5 meters of dwarf varieties to over 20-30 of giant varieties. The leaves are lanceolate, with an intense green color. The roots are underground, rhizomes, with a wide ability to spread in the direction of moisture sources.
We also advise you to go to an experienced nurseryman in your area who will be able to advise you on the most suitable plants according to the type of aquatic course you have on your country estate.