Onion - Allium cepa


Name: Allium cepa L.
Harvest: Once the bulb has been removed from the soil, it must be dried in sunlight for almost a week before it can be used.
Properties: Diuretic, laxative, hypoglycemic, callifugo, expectorant, antiseptic.
Family: Liliaceae.
Common names: Suilo, ziodda, bavaron, maligie, sciolla, cipudetta, chiep, ombrella.

Cipolla - Allium cepa: Property

Habitat: It does not grow spontaneously and needs a well ventilated and fertilized soil.
Parts used: The bulbs.
Storage: The bulbs must be stored in a cool and dark place.
Use: Decoctions and dyes for internal use. For its external direct application of the juice to suppress the itchy sensation of insect bites.
Notes: The onion, despite having a moderate caloric intake (about 50 calories per hectogram) is rich in vitamins (from group C, B1, B2 and A) and mineral salts (iron, phosphorus and calcium).