Succulent flowers

The flowers of succulents

It is often decided to cultivate a succulent plant, be it a cactacea or a succulent plant, because it is thought to require little care and can be kept without problems at home; in this way over the years we will keep at home a plant that develops poorly, to which we do not give fertilizers, which does not develop diseases and does not bloom; the opinion of many people is that succulent plants do not produce flowers, so we believe that our plant is well. In fact, even the succulent plants, including cacti, bloom, and the plant we have for years at home, always the same, is practically mummified.
In fact all the succulent plants bloom, otherwise it would be difficult for them to produce seeds and therefore perpetuate the species; Certainly it is unlikely that succulents can produce flowers if kept in the apartment, without light, without fertilizer. In any case, some succulents can hardly bloom in our climates, as also happens for some tropical plants grown in the apartment; others, on the other hand, also bloom in "limit" conditions, so we hardly saw ferocactus flowers, and instead we are used to seeing flowers of various species of euphorbia.

Succulent flowers: How to make succulents bloom

In nature many cacti and many succulents live in areas with very particular climates, with very high daytime temperatures and often in decidedly dry or semi-arid climates; for this reason, many flowers, especially those of cacti, are of very short duration, or tend to close when the sun goes down. So it may also be that some of our cacti bloom every year and we can't see the flowers.
In any case, the best method to favor the flowering of our plants is to check the name of the species they belong to, and then evaluate, maps in hand, in which area of ​​the place the plants we are trying to grow originate from.
In fact, very many plants are unable to bloom because they are unable to get sufficient nourishment, water or mineral salts, to produce flowers; others do not bloom because they do not like to live in a constantly "spring" environment: in the apartment the climate tends to be very dry, poorly light, and with about 18-20 ° C for most of the year; therefore the plants no longer recognize the succession of the seasons and therefore do not prepare themselves to produce flowers, since they await the arrival of the cold season, which never arrives.
So let's say that the first rule to get a bloom from our cactacea or from our succulent is to cultivate it in the best way: therefore we provide for repotting, fertilizing and the right watering.
The second rule, on the other hand, concerns the climate and the light: to make many cacti flourish it is necessary that they spend a certain period of time in a winter climate, therefore dry and cold; for this reason plants often left on the terrace by mistake at the end of the season greet us with beautiful flowers when we find them in spring.
In fact, many cacti are native to the mountainous areas of central America, where the winter climate is dry and very cold, with the presence of night frosts; therefore often the best method to get flowers from most cacti is to leave them in a cold greenhouse in winter, depriving them of water starting from September-October.
In any case we avoid generalizations; if we wish to see a succulent flowering it is necessary to identify at least the genus to which it belongs, and therefore to simulate as much as possible the climatic conditions present in the natural place in which it develops; in this way we will get flowers and maybe even small fruits.