Rosa Marvelle


MARVELLE ® News 2000
Large flower bush with an erect and strong habit. The flower, with a regular opening, is yellow-streaked with orange-red. Plant very resistant to diseases with dense foliage, bright dark green. Re-flowering until frost. This variety has an intense aroma and has a shrub that usually reaches 80/90 cm; it can be grown in pots and is also commonly used as a cut flower.
It does not have particular needs even during the cold season.

Rosa Marvelle: Growing Marvelle rose

This rose is cultivated for the beauty and particularity of its variegated and iridescent flowers that allow to give a particular aspect to any corner of the garden or terrace, since these roses are well suited also for growing in pots.
Hybrid tea roses are among the most cultivated for their remarkable resistance and prolonged flowering with large flowers.
In order to enjoy a long and vigorous flowering, it is advisable to place the rose specimens in sunny and bright places and in a soil that is slightly acidic, soft and with a good draining power, so that water does not form, dangerous because they can cause radical rot and disease.