Rosa Osiana


A rose among the most beautiful and elegant. The buds open slowly, offering large roses filled with immaculate weather-resistant ivory.
These roses reach a height of about 120 cm and are moderately resistant. The flowers of this variety have a slight fragrance with a fruity scent and are often used also as cut flowers due to the length of the stem and their beauty.
It is also used for the formation of small groups within the garden, able to give color to the whole.

Rosa Osiana: Growing roses

The Osiana rose is a variety that is part of the family of tea hybrids, among the most known and appreciated roses, for their resistance, the great flowers that characterize them and the lasting flowering, which makes them ideal for the creation of colorful gardens and fragrant.
The cultivation of roses generally does not require heavy and difficult operations, but, when planting the new specimens, it is good to choose the right place, in a bright and sunny position, so that the roses can receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day.
It is also advisable to choose a soil that is light, with a good percentage of nutrients and with a high drainage, which avoids the formation of water stagnation.
Water regularly during the hot season, waiting for the soil to dry between one watering and another.