Rosa Caribia


The large flowers with the unusual yellow-gold color streaked with orange red bloom on straight stems. The abundant shoot guarantees a permanent and abundant flowering. This rose has a low and compact growth. The foliage of Caribia is flashy, medium green, shiny and very healthy. The bush grows with a height of about 0.70 m.
It is a re-flowering variety that resists disease on average. It is often used for the formation of flower beds or colored borders.

Rosa Caribia: Growing roses

Roses are perhaps one of the most appreciated varieties of plants for growing in gardens and terraces, because, thanks to the details of their wonderful flowers, they allow you to color and decorate any corner. Their cultivation, then, does not present particular difficulties, since the rose plants are rather rustic and resistant. To be able to count on an abundant and lasting flowering, however, it is good to take some precautions regarding exposure and the type of soil.
In order to count on a luxuriant production of flowers, in fact, it is good that the roses are placed in very bright environments, where they can take advantage of sunlight for a few hours a day and it is good that they are planted in a soft and well-drained soil , so that water stagnation is avoided.