Rosa First Red


This rose, with compact and very regular vegetation, produces large flowers with a splendid velvety cardinal red color. This variety has an early flowering and a glossy dark green foliage that has an excellent resistance to diseases. It reaches a height of 0.90 / 1.00 m. Scented. It is a flower that is often used as a cut, given the length of the stem. Also widely used as a Valentine's flower, due to its particular shade of red. It is lightly scented.

Rosa First Red: Care of roses

The First Red rose belongs to the group of tea hybrids, a beloved variety due to the large production of fairly large flowers that persist throughout the entire growing season.
In order to have the best results in terms of development of rose plants, it is not necessary to prepare long and complex operations, just choose carefully the type of soil and the place where the specimens are planted. The ideal soil for roses, in fact, is characterized by soil with a slightly acidic, soft and soft component, which allows the correct drainage of water, thus preventing possible water stagnation. As far as exposure is concerned, the best place for rose growth is bright and sunny, so that the plants receive sunlight for a few hours a day.