Montauban de Bretagne

POLIANA ROSEMontauban de Bretagne

RosaioThe Montauban de Bretagne rose is a rose-rimmed rose that opens like a cup. Excellent resistance to diseases and free from oidium. Thanks to its continuous flowering it is ideal to give vivacity and color to gardens, flower beds, borders. Height 0.50 / 0.60 m. Perfumed.

Montauban de Bretagne: Growing roses

Roses are one of the most popular and loved flowers in the world. Cultivating these plants is not at all difficult, just follow simple rules and be aware of their cultivation needs. First, it is advisable to obtain light, calcareous and well-drained soil. The ideal exposure for roses is in the sun or in partial shade based on the species of rose you want to cultivate. To obtain an abundant flowering, regularly irrigate the soil, avoiding water stagnation. If you want to give your rose bush a compound, defined appearance and a particular shape, cut the branches during the vegetative rest period of the plant.