Of this variety that grows in a large and bushy way, it is mainly the yellow flowers that are large and fragrant. Height 60/70 cm. The shade of the flower color, not too showy, goes everywhere. A very robust variety, suitable for all places, dak of home garden to public green.
Planting: 3 plants / m2

Canicule: Rose ground cover

When we talk about ground cover roses (and among these we also mention the canicula) we refer to the famous ground cover roses, a species that can quickly cover the ground creating beautiful bushes and flower gardens. They are roses with abundant flowering and ideal for covering slopes, walls, espaliers.
For optimal growth, place them in sunny places but sheltered from the coldest wind currents. Thanks to their resistance, it is easy to cultivate them as they do not require special care and attention and require few interventions even with regard to pruning.