Cuttings of succulent plants

Cuttings of succulent plants:

Many succulent plants tend to produce new shoots at their base, from which new plants develop; during the period of maximum vegetative growth it is possible to remove these shoots to obtain new plants; It is also possible to produce cuttings of succulent plants, removing leaves, branches or branches of stems. The fabric of the succulents is rich in water and usually roots with great ease. We choose the plant of which we want to produce cuttings; it must be a plant with many fleshy leaves, or a plant with a lump or even a tall, columnar stem. Then with the help of a clean and well sharpened knife we ​​remove cuttings at least 7-10 cm long; if instead we have a crassula, or other plant with fleshy leaves, we remove some leaves, cutting them off at the base of the petiole. To better root these portions of succulents it is advisable to let the cut dry for a few days, keeping our cuttings in a warm and dry place. If we are dealing with specimens of the euphorbia family we briefly dip the ends in warm water, to prevent the whitish latex from continuing to come out, hindering rooting. We prepare a soil made up of chopped peat and sand in equal parts and we insert in it the prepared cuttings, when the cutting surface is well dry. Then we place the containers with the cuttings in a warm and slightly shady place, vaporizing the cuttings with demineralized water at least once a day. When the plants are rooted we can begin to gradually move them to a sunny place.