Leaf cuttings

Leaf cuttings:

Some plants root very easily even by burying leaves or parts of them. Spent they are succulent plants, or with fleshy leaves. The plants that are most easily propagated by leaf cuttings are certainly the begonias and the saintpaulias, for which only a few precautions are needed to obtain new young plants. We therefore choose a healthy and well-developed plant, possibly in spring, when the vegetation is more luxuriant; then we proceed by removing from the plant a healthy and well-developed leaf, possibly a fairly well developed and fleshy leaf, but possibly a leaf from the previous year, not a very young one. We remove the leaf from the plant with the help of a sharp cutter, or a razor blade, carefully cleaned and disinfected. Always with the same knife we ​​get from the leaf some small portions of the ribs, 2-3 cm long portions are enough, taking care to make well-cut and lint-free cuts. If we have crassula or other succulent plants we can even use whole leaves as the material for cuttings, always choosing healthy leaves, well developed and free of lacerations, to be detached from the mother plant by means of a razor blade or a sharp cutter. clean. Once we get our cuttings, whether they are whole leaves or portions of veins, put them in a propagation bed by a few millimeters, prepared by filling a small vase, or a tray with holes, with a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts. The cuttings should be positioned at least 3-4 cm apart from each other, so that there is good air circulation. The propagation bed must be kept moist, inserting the pot in a saucer, in which we will frequently pour water from the watering, even every day if the substrate appears dry. So the container with the cuttings will be placed in a bright place, but not directly exposed to sunlight, and in a humid and cool climate; periodically we remind to increase the environmental humidity using a vaporizer, to be used also daily if the climate is hot.