To cultivate the succulent euphorbie

Grow succulent euphorbies:

The genus Euphorbia includes dozens of species of succulent plants, originating in Central and South America, Europe and Africa; the succulents belonging to the euphorbia genus are generally native to Africa. These are plants of various kinds, with branched columnar growth, or rounded and curved; in general we can describe them as succulents with fleshy and broad stems, with not very marked ribs and small leaves; the thorns are not always present, generally prefer the apical areas of the stems. This kind of plants is often quite slow growing, some can reach some meters in height, others instead tend to widen more than to grow in height. These are plants originating from climates tending to arid, with minimum temperatures close to 12-15 ° C; therefore they are cultivated in apartment or in a temperate greenhouse; most of the succulent euphorbias in fact fear the cold, which causes the rapid deterioration of the plant. Watering is provided only during the periods of vegetative development, which runs from April to September; during this period the soil is thoroughly wet, leaving it to dry well between one watering and another. About once a month it is mixed with the water of the specific fertilizer for succulent plants, poor in nitrogen and rich in potassium. LE euphorbie love to be grown in a bright place, but they don't need too many hours of direct sunlight, so let's place them in a place exposed to sunlight only during the coolest hours of the day, avoiding full sunshine, which could be harmful. They are preferably propagated by cutting, removing the apical parts of the stems, which must be left to dry for a few hours before burying them for rooting.