Lawn mowing and fertilizing

Lawn mowing and fertilizing:

Periodically it is necessary to shorten the length of our turf; this operation is practiced throughout the year in areas with mild winters, in the rest of Italy the lawn is generally cut from March to September / October. This operation is carried out quite frequently, avoiding letting the grass grow too much, in this way it favors the development of denser and more compact plants; during the spring the mowing can also take place weekly, in summer and in autumn instead we can dispel this operation. We practice this operation using very sharp tools, so as not to ruin the foliage of the grass with frayed cuts or even tearing it. After mowing the grass, we remove the result, leaving the grass on the grassy decoy that rots, causing the rotting of even the small living plants below; so we collect all the grass. At least a couple of times a year after mowing we proceed to the aeration of the lawn; with a special scarifier rake we remove the felt that develops between the grass plants; turf felt is made up of small clippings, dried foliage, a tangle of dry grass that stops between seedlings, not allowing watering and fertilizing to add the soil in which the grass roots sink. This substance must be periodically removed, in general the aeration operation is carried out in spring and autumn. Periodic turf treatments also include fertilization; in fact the plants that make up the lawn remain at home for many years, and over time they tend to absorb a large amount of mineral salts from the soil, impoverishing it; at least once a year we spread on the turf some slow release granular fertilizer, taking care to administer the quantity indicated on the package of the fertilizer itself. If our lawn is cultivated with clover we avoid the fertilizations, since the clover lives in symbiosis with some nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which guarantee it the nitrogen it needs to develop; if therefore we fertilize the clover lawn we are generally stimulating the growth of the weeds contained in it.