Balcony flowers

Balcony flowers:

Surfinie, lobelie, and even the Parisian geraniums, develop best if placed in a hanging basket. We prepare a porous and rich growing medium, mixing universal soil with a little manure and a couple of handfuls of pumice stone. Then we place our vase on a small bowl or between two stones, so that it does not move during repotting. We take the plant to be inserted in the basket and remove it from the container, we move the earthen bread that surrounds the roots, so as to remove the older and exhausted soil. We insert the fresh soil in the basket, so as to fill it more or less up to half. At the center of the basket we place the plant, spreading the roots well outwards; cover with other soil, taking care to cover the roots well, and to bury the plant up to the collar, avoiding to leave exposed parts of the root apparatus, but also to place the plant at an excessive depth. If necessary, we remove the plant and fill it with soil in the layer below. While we are repotting, we try to arrange the branches all around the basket, so that the plant develops occupying all the available space, and not just from one part of the basket. We compact the soil around the plant with our hands and water abundantly.