Camellia is an evergreen shrub of Asian origin; the most commonly cultivated species is the camellia japonica, which blooms in late winter,
producing beautiful rosy-colored buds, sometimes perfumed.
It is a slow-growing acidophilic plant; it is planted in a specific soil for acidophilic plants, mixed with little sand,
to increase drainage. It prefers semi-shaded, fresh and not excessively ventilated positions.
It does not fear the cold and can therefore be grown in the garden, in the ground or in a vase.
Watering should be regular from March to October, trying to keep the soil always slightly damp, but not
completely saturated with water: let's intervene watering only when the substrate tends to dry slightly.
We avoid using water rich in limestone, and remember to provide, at least a few times a year, a greening fertilizer.