Tree trunk protection

Tree trunk protection:

It is often necessary to place shelters around the trunk of the trees, to keep the plant stable, or to prevent the bark from being ruined ... The first type of shelter is placed mainly on the trunk of young trees, recently planted; proceed in general at the time of implantation, ensuring the thin trunk of the braces, which will be buried at the sides of the stem. We will take care to ensure the stem using flexible ties, so as not to damage the stem during growth. Another type of brace is placed at the base of the shaft, using reinforcements in wire mesh, felt or plastic right at the foot of the young tree, to prevent the passage with mechanical means for mowing to ruin the thin bark. The laying of a disc of felt, a few centimeters wide, at the base of the plant, also avoids the development of weeds, which are harmful especially in the case of placement of decidedly very young trees. The braces are removed after a few years, when the plant is sufficiently developed.