Garden furniture

Garden tiles


Outdoor tiles are a coating of the areas to be paved in a garden. The decision to pave a certain space is driven above all by the need to have greater cleanliness in that area because, where the lawn is present, it usually becomes more complicated to clean. The tile allows for faster and faster cleaning, the market offers an infinite number of solutions for outdoor tiles, generally speaking they are tiles that are also used for covering balconies or terraces. They vary in size from the smallest to the largest and can be arranged according to specific designs.


Outdoor tiles are distinguished from a normal tile because they have certain characteristics that make them suitable for the external environment. First of all the tile offers a quick and quick cleaning, the material used is usually never as delicate and precious as an indoor tile could be. Generally the outdoor tile is in stoneware or terracotta. Stoneware is a material that was created to meet certain needs of resistance and tolerability to temperature changes. These tiles are so resistant as to be stepped on from any weight without breaking, basically it is a solution that is not only very practical but also quite economical. For those who want to have a terracotta floor, there is no need to worry that adverse weather conditions could create some kind of problem. Terracotta is a rather resistant material that can be chosen in various versions and requires specific maintenance using only products related to the cleaning of the terracotta itself. The outdoor tile is waterproof, the water slips over it, in any weather condition, from snow to frost, it does not spoil absolutely in appearance.

How to choose

When the need arises to have to choose outdoor tiles, it is first necessary to know what diversifies one material from another. It is essential to focus only on specific products, ie tiles that have been designed to be resistant to adverse weather conditions. The choice comes in a rather wide variety of colors. In this case the customer will decide what the color and size of the tile will be. The retailer in this case can only give advice, perhaps with reference to the type of garden and the style that was previously chosen for the various furnishings. Leafing through the catalogs it is possible to realize the effect that the same tiles will recreate in your garden. In most cases, the same type of tile is always used to pave all areas of the garden. Alternatively, where there is a swimming pool, different flooring may be preferred to differentiate the space.

Where to buy

Outdoor tiles are sold at all specialized outlets for outdoor furniture and also at DIY stores. The tile is an ideal solution for those who want a low cost to pave an area of ​​their garden and then absolutely does not create problems for its cleaning and maintenance while guaranteeing an unlimited duration. In the network market it is also possible to find the type of tile you were looking for, the net is a valid alternative when in the traditional stores you don't find the particular product you want to buy. The guarantees offered by the reseller are listed on the same page of the site, so the buyer must be particularly careful to read them before making the purchase.

Garden tiles: Costs

Outdoor tiles have variable costs that depend on the type of material chosen and the size of the tile itself, the installation must always be performed by competent workers if you are not able to do so. The quality must always be proportional to the cost paid and it is advisable to always buy a few more square meters because they could be useful if it would be necessary to break for any reason. If it is a very particular collection it is precisely the case to have a few more because very often the exclusive collections are offered only once and then it becomes difficult to find them on the market.