Garden furniture

PVC gratings


PVC is a thermoplastic material, we usually indicate the gratings made with it with the simplest definition of plastic gratings. This material has specific characteristics, it can be both rigid and flexible and therefore it adapts to any shape, besides being rather resistant. It is used to make the gratings because it is unalterable both when exposed to very low and very high temperatures. The pvc grid is widely used for both the balcony and the garden. The choice in this sector can also focus on wooden or iron gratings.


Those who choose PVC do it for a matter of taste or practicality because it is also easily washable. The pvc grating is sold individually, in order to have an area perimeter coverage, it is necessary to buy several modules. When the grating is not used it can also be safely folded on itself and stored in a small space. It is used for the growth of climbing plants which, without this support, should necessarily be placed against a wall. The plant is cultivated either on the ground or in a vase, but the best solution is to buy the already complete lily of his planter. If, on the other hand, you have some empty ones at home, they can still be used by combining them with the pvc grid. Its structure is rather light compared to wood and iron gratings, which also show a certain solidity. Here then it is necessary to make the grating rather stable, fixing it to the ground especially in areas where the wind blows with a certain intensity.

Economical and convenient to use

Practical, comfortable and simple to use, the pvc grating is made especially in the green color that blends better between the leaves of the plant. No maintenance is necessary as it could happen for the wooden grating and it also has a rather affordable cost. The pvc grating is also resealable by means of a spring system that also allows a smaller or greater extension. The garden is undoubtedly the most used space by the whole family during the summer and when it is placed next to that of the neighbor, to have a little privacy it is essential to find a suitable solution. Those who do not like fences with tall trees or hedges can opt for grilling. The area will be so surrounded by a closure made with climbing plants and therefore the appearance of the garden can only be improved. When the garden space is rather small, it must be realized that creating too many subdivisions by means of grids makes the space even smaller. The area to be delimited must in any case have a minimum space where it is easy to pass, also because the grating does not take up space, whether the plant is placed in the flowerbed or in the planter.

Choice of the plant

The choice of the climbing plant can be recommended by the nursery, bearing in mind that each plant has different development times so it may take several seasons until the plant has covered all the grating. Furthermore, the grating can also be fixed to the gazebo, to close one side only or all three, taking care to leave at least one open for entry. In the case of the gazebo, the PVC grating must be anchored to the structure otherwise it could be damaged in a short time, especially in winter.

Moving the grating

When you want to transfer the grating from one area to another, it is always necessary to consider that the plant has already adapted to a certain exposure to the climate and therefore would suffer a stress. Moreover, if this is buried, it will have to be excavated and replaced in the new flowerbed. It is certainly easier to move with the planter, but all this is possible when the plant is at the beginning of its growth, since once it has covered the grating it is rather complex to change its position without damaging it. Precisely for this reason the choice to use a grating for the delimitation of an area or for the closure of one side of the gazebo must be taken definitively.

PVC gratings: Various types of climbing plants

Moreover, the market offers many species of climbing plants that are always green or flowery, with different colors and fragrances. When we talk about climbing, we are used to thinking only of flowering plants, but also fruit trees can be excellent climbing plants, since the growth of the plant follows the shape of the grid. The garden with these trees also becomes a very pleasant and useful place. Among this type of plants we can mention the lemons, which also offer a rather pleasant appearance, the vine, the kiwi but also the climbing variety of strawberries and so on. If you choose to give the garden this somewhat particular aspect, taking advantage of the use of pvc grating, you can let yourself be advised on the plants, which depending on the different sun exposure in which the garden is located, can grow in the best way .