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With the term carousel we refer to an outdoor game that can also be placed in a private space. Of course the classic carousel to which we are accustomed is the one seen in the fairgrounds, but in this case we have to take a different path, because what is designed for private space certainly has a reduced dimension. The rides are defined as such also in the category of games for newborns, for which this is composed of a structure that allows the child to start developing his visual abilities as attracted by movement and color. It is a carousel that can also present a small carpet on which the child is lying quietly and can play without any problem. Since this is a word that contains different types of games, in this case we will only deal with the issue of outdoor games that anyone can decide to include in their garden.


The carousel is an element that is created specifically for the enjoyment of children in order to entertain them in a pleasant way and also becomes a useful socialization tool to invite other children to participate in this game. The materials used for the construction are specifically designed to offer excellent resistance to the external environment since, as they are still rather large, they could not be stored indoors during the winter period. The carousel can allow two or more children to play and can have a circular shape. The children will turn the carousel using a central system that will allow them to move. Since this is a game that can involve several children, we recommend the presence of an adult who can not only monitor them, but who also has the task of explaining to them the function of the carousel itself.

How to choose it

Going to a store dedicated to children's games, you will certainly find models of different rides compared to a purchase made at a point of sale for garden furniture. As already mentioned before, this is a rather large market sector and often under the name 'giostra' different types of games for children are included. Although the materials used can be quite resistant, it is advisable to cover the carousel with plastic to avoid damage. If the child is present, it is preferable for him to make the choice, while if it is the parents who will have to buy it, it must be borne in mind that it is a game that must be adapted to the age of the child and above all placed in a garden space preferably dedicated only to games, to avoid that there may be elements of danger in the surrounding area. In this way the child has a space where he can run and have fun.

Where to buy

Being an outdoor game, the carousel can be purchased in stores that sell garden items or in garden furniture stores that dedicate a particular area to games. Obviously we must never forget the alternative of buying directly on the internet, which is certainly the one preferred by those who have little time available to carry out traditional shopping. The timing for choosing on the Internet is undoubtedly reduced compared to the purchase in a normal store, because in a short time it is possible to open several web pages and then view sites specializing in the sale of rides. In this way you have the possibility to have clearer ideas also regarding the price. Before proceeding to purchase a carousel, it is essential to check whether there is adequate space in the garden to place it.

Joust: Costs

The costs are relative to the model chosen, always bearing in mind the age of the child so that a game can be purchased that can be used without problems. Generally the assembly is carried out directly by the customer because it involves assembling only a few pieces. By going directly to the store it is possible to have clearer ideas in relation to the chosen model of carousel and its cost. To check the cost in different stores related to the same carousel, you need to have time available, while if you use the internet the operation will be carried out fairly quickly.