Hosta cultivation

Hosta Golden Tiara

The Hosta Golden Tiara is a small herbaceous plant but of great beauty, suitable as a border for flower beds or as a ground cover in the garden of the house. The height of the plant is less than 50cm and reaches its maximum strength after 4-5 years. The Golden Tiara loves half-shade exposures but has no problems growing even in brighter areas. The rather rounded leaves are deciduous, light green with dark brushstrokes towards the center and yellow green at the edge, carried on long petioles. It has dark lavender bell-shaped flowers.
The cultivation of this plant can take place in different places such as gravel, Mediterranean gardens, on the terrace or balcony of the house or in the courtyard but also in vases and containers. In any case, the type of soil that the Golden prefers is a variable soil with an alkaline, acid and neutral pH.

Hosta Ground Master and nigrescens Elatior

The Ground Master is a plant of medium size, ground cover. The adult specimens reach heights of 45 cm and widths of 60 cm, with rapid growth and excellent resistance to adversity. These species love light displays but not full sun; the leaves appear wide, heart-shaped, bullous, variegated with a glaucous green center and white border while the flower is funnel-shaped of dark lavender color; flowering is plentiful and high.
The nigrescens Elatior variety, on the other hand, is a large species that grows well in half-shade, but withstands even very bright exposures. Cultivation is excellent when it is used as an isolated specimen or as a background. Its leaves are ovoid, of a bright green color and very large. The flower is bell-shaped, large, carried on very high floral scapes that reach even 180 cm.

Hosta Gold Standard

The Hybrida Gold Standard is a medium to large plant, rustic perennial herbaceous, with a height of 50 cm and a diameter of 90 cm. The cultivation of the plant turns out to be excellent when it is desired to cover spaces of the garden or flowerbeds since it is a rapid growth ground cover; if placed in not too shaded conditions its leaves take on a beautiful golden yellow color. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, light green in color and as soon as they are popped they soon take on a yellow shade with a thin dark green margin. The color changes progressively more advances the spring and they become gold towards the summer. Gold Standard produces lavender-colored tubular flowers. The age of flowering is July - August.

Inniswood, Guacamole and Hosta Love Pat

The Inniswood variety is a large-sized plant that loves medium-sized displays; the head reaches a width of 120 cm and a height of 60 cm. It has elongated, blistered and wavy heart-shaped leaves, variegated with a yellow center and a thin dark green border. Funnel-shaped flowers, lavender carried on medium-high scape.
The Guacamole are large-sized plants, about 60 cm high and 100 cm in diameter, lovers of bright exposures and even full sun, of rapid growth and considerable vigor. The leaves are heart-shaped, light green with a dark chartreuse margin. The flower is funnel-shaped, white, fragrant, carried on high scapes.
One of the best varieties of the 'Tokudama' group is the hosta love pat, a medium-sized plant, about 50 cm high and 60 cm in diameter, a lover of shade or partial shade exposures. Heart-shaped, bullous, cup-shaped leaves, intensely glaucous. Pale lavender flowers, practically white, carried on short scapes of flowers. Like all the cultivars in his group, he has slow growth.

Hosta cultivation: Hosta Tokudama Flavocircinalis and Aureonebulosa

The Tokudama Flavocircinalis has the coloring of the leaves opposite to that of the previous one, in fact the margin in this case is shaded from yellow to green and the center is dark with shades of green blue. The dimensions are about 50 cm high and 100 cm in diameter. The flowers are almost white as a bell and carried on the scape of about 80 cm in height. The growth is generally faster than in the other 'Tokudama' cultivars.
The Tokudama Aureonebulosa is an attractive variety of medium-small size, about 40 cm high and 80 in diameter. The leaves are heart-shaped and bullous, cup-shaped with the dark blue-green margin and the central part lighter, shaded from green to chartreuse to yellow. The colors of the leaves can be more or less intense depending on the exposure and the age of the plant. White flowers carried on scape of medium height.