Vertical strawberry beds - beautiful and practical

Strawberries are truly the queen of the garden. But how nice it is to pick the first berry, the most delicious and aromatic! However, the rest will also give great pleasure.


  • What are vertical beds
  • How to make vertical beds
  • Some tips for strawberry lovers

What are vertical beds

Vertical strawberry beds are a great alternative to classic strawberry beds. This technology of plant cultivation is suitable for owners of small land plots. After all, in order to get a bucket of strawberries grown in the traditional way, you need to take a well-lit area of ​​15-20 square meters for planting. And summer residents, besides this berry, want to place a lot of other crops on their six hundred square meters. This is where a vertical bed comes in handy, allowing you to save space in the garden. Even if you don't have a summer cottage at all, you can enjoy fresh berries by creating a similar mini-garden on your balcony.

And the vertical method of growing strawberries will appeal to lazy gardeners. Now they do not have to crawl on their knees and bend their backs in front of the "queen", pulling out weeds and mustaches or picking berries. It is incomparably easier to care for such a bed.

The use of this design makes strawberry bushes virtually inaccessible to rodents. And it will be problematic for the birds to find a place for planting, which means that your ripe berry will remain unharmed. And not just unharmed, but also clean, because now it does not come into contact with the ground, therefore, it will not smear and rot. Try to resist the temptation here and not eat a few berries straight from the bush!

There is one more advantage of this planting method - a decorative effect. Vertical beds look amazingly spectacular, especially when the bushes are covered with bright ripe berries. Place such a berry flower bed under the windows of a country house, and you can admire it in moments of relaxation.

How to make vertical beds

To create a vertical bed, it is enough to put several containers of the same or different diameters on top of each other. Depending on the ratio of their diameters, the bed can turn out in the form of a cylinder or a truncated cone (cascade).

Large flower pots of different diameters are perfect for forming a cascading structure. Fill them with earth and set one on top of the other. For the stability of this structure, it is better to string the pots on a rod firmly fixed in the ground - a strong wooden stake, a metal tube or a piece of building reinforcement. The garden is ready. It remains to plant strawberry bushes in an empty space, which is the difference in the diameters of the two levels, and wait for the harvest.

Old car tires can be used to create a vertical, cylindrical bed. In principle, columnar structures do not have to be collapsible. For these purposes, an old barrel, a rectangular plywood box, a piece of thick PVC pipe will do.

Of course, unlike cascading beds, for structures of constant diameter, it will be necessary to make slots in the side walls for strawberry leaves. Do not forget to think over the irrigation system in advance. For sufficiently tall structures, special "irrigation canals" will be required inside the column. It can be a piece of metal-plastic pipe with holes made in it for water, which must be protected from clogging with soil and plant roots.

With the use of skillful hands and a little ingenuity, you can organize automatic watering of the garden.
In principle, in stores you can find ready-made designers for the construction of a vertical bed. But it's so nice to do something beautiful and unusual with your own hands. Design solutions and materials can be very diverse - it all depends on your imagination.

Some tips for strawberry lovers

  • It is better to assemble a large structure at a permanent place planned for it, otherwise the difficult question of its transportation will arise. When choosing a location, remember that strawberries do not like shade.
  • If you are interested in getting a good berry harvest, take care of the quality composition of the soil with which you will fill the containers. Strawberries prefer light sandy loam and peat soils. The most suitable composition for growing this berry is a mixture of peat, coconut substrate, perlite and vermiculite. Remember to feed your plants regularly.
  • A vertical bed requires constant control over the moisture content of the earth - in the heat it dries up quickly, so you need to water it regularly.
  • Consider protecting your strawberries from winter frost in advance. The structure of flower pots for the winter can be disassembled and brought to a protected place, from PVC pipes - laid on the ground. Whatever the design solution for your garden, there is always a way out, but you need to find it before you start work.

Compared to traditional cultivation, vertical beds have many advantages, which is why the popularity of this technology is growing rapidly. Perhaps those gardeners who did not grow strawberries, fearing the difficulties associated with this, will now change their minds. And on their plots amazing beds will appear, allowing you to harvest a larger harvest of these delicious berries.

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