Correct planting of tomato seedlings

Planting tomato seedlings - This is a responsible occupation, which to some extent depends on obtaining a high harvest at the end of the season. Therefore, you should carefully prepare for this event, having studied all the subtleties.

Tomatoes and their cultivation

So before how to plant tomatoes, determine the type of soil on your site. Sandy loam soil is ideal, which also warms up well. This vegetable is grown in high places.

As for the predecessors, it is necessary to give preference to those crops for which organic fertilizers were previously applied (for example, cabbage or cucumbers). Insofar as tomato disease and potatoes are similar in many ways, these vegetables cannot be planted one after the other.

If the site you have chosen does not meet the above requirements, then the beds for tomatoes are watered with a solution of iron or copper sulfate. Then the ground should be well dug up.

Successful growing tomatoes also directly related to the preparation of seedlings for the upcoming planting. It must first be sprayed with copper oxychloride. This measure will protect a young, weak plant from fungal diseases, to which it is especially susceptible in the early stages of growth.

Sometimes seedling tomato before planting it in open ground, it is watered with a warm solution of potassium permanganate. By the way, plant tomato varieties it is impossible in hot weather. It is best to devote the second half of the day to this activity, so that the tomatoes have time to get stronger and gain strength overnight. The dug hole should be well watered. If the soil is dry, the seedlings will root poorly.

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