Growing chrysanthemums - the secrets of success

Chrysanthemums are one of the last flowers in autumn gardens. Chrysanthemum is translated from Japanese as "sun", which fully justifies its name.

Growing chrysanthemums requires certain conditions to be met.

Firstly, chrysanthemums are very light-requiring, therefore it is necessary to find a very well-lit place for them in the garden. But at the same time, the place for planting these flowers requires protection from the wind.

Secondly, chrysanthemums are also demanding on the composition of the soil. Loams saturated with organic substances are most suitable for them. For the successful cultivation of chrysanthemums, peat, manure humus or compost must be added to the soil.

Thirdly, watering chrysanthemum bushes should be regular, they do not tolerate overdrying. If this is allowed, then the stems of plants become woody, the flowers become smaller and lose their shape. Therefore, in hot sunny weather, be sure to water your chrysanthemums abundantly, but always only at the root. In order to retain moisture longer, you can compost the flower bushes.

Fourthly, the cultivation of chrysanthemums cannot do without regular weeding and loosening of the soil.

Fifth, the chrysanthemum bushes are quite tall and must be tied to pegs, because the stems are very prone to breaking off.

With the onset of November, chrysanthemum bushes are cut to stumps and covered for the winter with a layer of dry peat or dry foliage about 15 cm thick.

Chrysanthemums are propagated by dividing the bush at any time of the year or by cuttings. But grafting is more effective.

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