Perennial scabiosa and its cultivation

Scabiosa perennial looks unrivaled when decorating mixed flower beds, landscape design and alpine slides. If you regularly prune withered flowers, you can enjoy the beauty of the buds until early fall.

Scabiosa and features of its cultivation

Scabiosa flower prefers open, sunny areas. Moreover, it is distinguished by its natural adaptation to low air temperatures. Therefore, the land does not need additional insulation.

But, if it is cool enough in your area, the best option for you will be scabiosa Caucasian, since it is characterized by high frost resistance.

Scabiosa cultivation which includes careful selection of soil before planting, likes a drained and well-saturated soil with additional nutrients.

You need to plant a flower only in the spring. Consider also the fact that the distance between the seedlings should be about 45 cm.

Perennial scabiosa will grow well if watered regularly. Make sure that the soil is always moist and loose. Use water-soluble mineral fertilizers as top dressing.

Scabiosa, photo which will certainly interest absolutely all flower lovers, sometimes it is planted along the sidewalk paths in the country or in your own house. But an exclusively dwarf plant species is suitable for this.

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