The use of sweet clover in folk medicine

The use of sweet clover based on its healing properties. In addition, an ointment with the addition of pork fat is made from it.

By the way, you can also sweet clover medicinal as a culinary seasoning. It is added to salads, soups, fish dishes.

Donnik and its application

Healing properties of sweet clover:

  • helps with chronic venous insufficiency
  • used to treat thrombophlebitis, lymphostasis and post-thrombotic syndrome
  • the ointment is applied to the skin for bruises, sprains and superficial hemorrhages

If you are interested in the use of medicinal sweet clover, then you can make tea from it. To do this, take two teaspoons of chopped herbs and pour boiling water over it. The drink is infused for 15 minutes. After that, you need to strain it. You can drink no more than three cups per day.

Generally, sweet clover grass additionally has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, soothing and wound healing properties. Accordingly, the scope of its use in traditional medicine can be slightly expanded.

Donnik, contraindications
which few people know, should not be taken for diseases such as renal failure, internal bleeding, decreased blood clotting and hemorrhagic diathesis. Also, sweet clover is not recommended during lactation and pregnancy. And, most importantly, not to allow an overdose, due to which all the beneficial properties of this medicinal plant may be lost.

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