Sea buckthorn buckthorn - a storehouse of health

I consider sea buckthorn to be a unique plant. And sea buckthorn oil is generally a miraculous thing!

Sea buckthorn is very densely used in cosmetology. Creams based on it have a rejuvenating, moisturizing and nourishing effect. Face masks and hand creams based on it are also popular.

What needs to be done so that a beautiful sea buckthorn appears on your site?

To do this, you need to purchase seedlings. You can buy them on the market, but at the same time you risk taking seedlings of the wrong breed that you wanted, in the worst case, some kind of wild! Therefore, when I decided to plant sea buckthorn, I asked for saplings from my friends, with whom it has been growing successfully for a long time.

Important! Sea buckthorn is a dioecious tree. Some female bushes that bear fruit. Others are male - they pollinate the branches of female plants.

In total, I had four seedlings - one male, three female.

Sea buckthorn buckthorn is undemanding to soils. The main thing is that they are not heavy. Ideally, loose and moist soil. You need to plant seedlings at a distance of two meters. Since the bushes grow, and the plant is very light-requiring.

It is important to plant sea buckthorn where you will not carry out any work with the soil. She has a weak root system and this can damage her.

The bushes began to bear fruit only in the fourth year. The height of the bushes reaches three to four meters.

It begins to bloom around May.

Fruits are bright yellow berries with seeds and citrus scent. They usually ripen at the end of August.

Harvest from one bush - 5-8 kilograms.

Sea buckthorn is the most useful shrub in the garden. A minimum of time spent on cultivation and care - and here's your pure vitamins!

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