Schisandra chinensis in the photo - the beauty of a liana plant

We start some plants in our gardens only because of their unusual appearance. One of these plants is lemongrass. He is deciduous vinewhich has edible berries on it. These berries are not only beautiful in a special way, but also quite useful.

Before purchasing this plant, look at what Chinese lemongrass in the photo... Its bright green leaves are captivating at first sight. The fact that the leaves are placed on pink or red petioles, like the berries themselves, is also striking. Especially beautiful Chinese lemongrass in the photo in the autumn, when the leaves are painted in golden shades, against the background of which bright red berries flaunt. By the way, the plant itself smells very nice of lemon, especially in windy weather, when the leaves and branches rub against each other.

Chinese schisandra will rightfully become a decoration of any garden, and its branches eventually twine around the perimeter of any area. But still, lately, many gardeners have been planting lemongrass in their garden because of its healing properties, which are increasingly used in traditional medicine. Schisandra chinensis berries are considered an excellent tonic, and they are also a unique stimulant. Schizandra berries are rich in potassium, iodine, selenium. Lemongrass is also widely used. in cosmetology, For example, many people know the cream around the eyes "Schisandra and Parsley", as well as a variety of hair care products. For these reasons, many also want to see lemongrass in the photo in order to have the slightest idea that this is a unique plant.

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