Passionflower propagates from seeds and cuttings

Passionflower Is a passion-flowering, fast-growing plant that does not require careful maintenance and grows well in a room environment. The main requirement for growing Passiflora is good illumination, no matter which side of the apartment it is located in, but the illumination should be sufficient for the plant.

Passionflower propagates from seeds and cuttings.

Cuttings are best cut from ripe shoots in July, are good for rooting and cuttings that are taken from the lignified top. Each cutting should have a couple of leaves, and the use of phytohormones will help the cuttings to take root. Passion flower cuttings are planted in pots with a mixture of sand and peat, carefully squeezed and watered. Rooting takes about a month at a temperature of twenty-two degrees, and the pots with cuttings must be placed in a greenhouse bag. Spray the cuttings regularly with special preparations so that the root system develops well. For the first winter, cuttings are kept in the light and warm, unlike an adult plant.

Passion flower from seeds multiplies with certain actions... Seeds should be sown between February and March, the best option would be to sow freshly harvested seeds, then seedlings are guaranteed and appear in two weeks. There is also a little trick so that the seeds sprout better, they must be lightly rubbed on sandpaper and soaked in citrus fruit juice for a day, then place the seeds in a loose substrate, placing them shallowly, sprinkle with water from a spray bottle and cover with glass. It is necessary to monitor the soil moisture and air humidity, the temperature (twenty - twenty-five degrees), ventilate the crops, turn the glass, wiping off the condensate.

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