Felicia flower

This South African visitor has established a stable position among other flowering plants. And this is not surprising, because the felicia flower is painted in extraordinary blue color with a slight shade of lilac, and its middle is rich yellow.

Despite the difficulties in growing, the plant can often be found in rocky gardens. It is loved to be planted along paths in the form of borders, it also looks good in small groups in mixed flower beds.

Felicia flower has a small stem up to 25 cm, moreover, it branches strongly and can grow up to 50 cm wide. The plant is covered with small bluish-green leaves. The diameter of the inflorescences rarely exceeds 5 cm, but they abundantly cover the entire leaf surface of the felicia.

If you decide to decorate your garden with this annual plant, then choose fertile soils in sunny areas... Felicia is relatively tolerant of drought and cold.

For long and abundant flowering, felicia should be watered when the soil is a little dry.

Breeding felicia is recommended seedsalthough the seedling method is also good. Seeds are best sown in groups of 5. If this is done in early spring, the plant will bloom by the end of June. Under successful circumstances, felicia will delight with abundant flowering up to frost.

To increase bushiness, experienced flower growers advise pinching the ends of the shoots, excluding those on which there are buds.

The peculiarity of felicia is that you will not see its flowers in cloudy weather. But in the sun, the flowers open and remain in this state even at night.

Watch the video: Felicia Growing Guide (January 2022).