Garden balsam, touch-me-not and Vanka wet

Garden balsam also called touchy, Vanka wet for the sugar drops protruding along the edges of the leaves. The flower stems are thick, fleshy, but break very easily in internodes.

The foliage of the plants is dense, the flowers can be simple or double, depending on the variety. The color can be very diverse: white, pink, purple, there are also two-tone balsams. The flowering of balsam is quite long: it begins in June and lasts until September. After flowering, seed pods are formed, which burst, scattering the seeds over a fairly large distance if touched. Therefore, the second name of balsam is touch-sensitive.

The garden balsam plant is very fond of warmth, even the slightest frost can destroy these flowers. Therefore, they should be planted in a permanent place in the garden when warm weather sets in. It is noted that even at a temperature of +5 degrees, balsam freezes in growth and begins to hurt.

An open, sunny place in the garden is preferable for him, but he can also tolerate partial shade. You can plant it under trees with a thin crown, scattered sunlight will be enough for him.

When growing garden balsams, it is necessary to avoid flooding the plants, but watering should still be sufficient and regular. Soils love fertile, but light in texture, they will be grateful for top dressing.

A very necessary procedure for growing this flower is spraying. This not only improves the appearance of the plants, but also protects them from the balsam-loving mite.

Watch the video: part 1 how to grow Balsam flower in rainy season from seed 5 July 2017 (January 2022).