Common chubushnik in your garden

Common chubushnik belong to perennial woody shrubs of the saxifrage family.

The leaves of the chubushnik are pointed, close to the shape of an egg. Most types of mock-orange have flowers have a pleasant aroma, but some varieties are deprived of it. The seeds are very small, in 1 gram - 10,000 pieces, have good germination.

Preferring fertile, well-moisturized, lighted areas, common mock-orange is practically not susceptible to diseases, and is not damaged by pests either.

Multiply plants by layering, cuttings, dividing the bush, since when propagated by seeds, the characteristics of the parent plant are not inherited.

The best period for planting cuttings in a place of permanent growth is before the beginning of the growing season (early spring) or in autumn. In warm areas, cuttings and planting are also carried out in winter.

When cutting, follow the long section of the internode, not leaving it above the upper node, which should be above the soil surface. The length of the cuttings should be approximately 15-20 cm.

Bush care - removal of old, sick, ugly branches, the formation of bushes for the convenience of mechanized processing, collection of raw materials. Cut out protruding low-lying branches, shorten single shoots growing to the sides and up. It is advisable to cut old branches to the base, they will be replaced by new ones. Shoots that have reappeared are cut in the autumn of the same year.

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