How to care for petunia seedlings

Petunia has been popular with gardeners and those who want to plant greenery on a city balcony before, but in the past few years this flower has been found everywhere and decorates balconies, street beds and flowerpots, and garden plots.

In order to get mature plants, you need to grow seedlings. And for this it is important to know how to care for petunia seedlingsso that she does not die.

  • After sowing petunia seeds, containers with them must be placed in a warm place, covered with foil.
  • As soon as the first shoots hatch, move the containers closer to the light, do not remove the film. Water as the soil dries, but not with a watering can, but with a spray bottle with settled water.
  • Do not forget that waterlogging is dangerous for petunia sprouts, as they are prone to black leg disease. Such rot can destroy all seedlings at once.
  • If rot is found on several sprouts, all surviving ones must be transplanted into a new container. For disinfection, treat the soil for planting with steam (or calcined in a microwave), spill with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • After the appearance of the first two true leaves, a pick is made. Each sprout is planted in an individual cup or pot.
  • Already in the first month of seedling growth, it can be fertilized. Suitable for this, for example, Kemir fertilizer. Its powder dissolves in water for irrigation.
  • If the weather is already warm, then it's time to plant the seedlings in a permanent place in the garden or in a balcony box.

Knowing how to care for petunia seedlings, you can see your plants blooming in the very first summer months.

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