Growing rosemary correctly from seed

We are used to using those spices that were always at hand - black and red peppers, garlic, parsley, celery, mint. eg, rosemary... Is it possible to implement growing rosemary from seed?

it spice plant - a resident of warm countries. That is why it is difficult to grow it in central Russia and to the north. But this is only outdoors. But such heat-loving plants can be successfully grown at home or in greenhouse conditions.

Rosemary seeds are sown in a pre-prepared, saturated useful substances the ground. This plant prefers light soils, as it does not tolerate waterlogging. Sown seeds are best cover with foil before germination. But the plant itself in a closed room can become moldy. And therefore, when will the plant grow a little stronger? It must be exposed to fresh air for several hours. Or airing where rosemary grows.

Experts say that the best taste and aroma are manifested in those rosemary bushes that have been grown from cuttings the mother plant, not from seed. Perhaps this is so. But sometimes it is much easier to buy a bag of seeds and grow a plant yourself than to go to any fruit nursery.

Try growing rosemary from seeds on your own at home, on the windowsill. And you will get not only a fragrant seasoning for meat and fish dishes on your table, but also a beautiful perennial bush that will delight you with its fragrant herbs.

Good luck!