Action in the photo and its cultivation

Action on the photo appears as a deciduous flowering shrub with a vertical or spreading crown. Flowering usually begins in late spring or early summer.

Actions grow rather quickly, so you can safely make your final choice in their favor. In addition, they are great for urban environments.

Despite the fact that there are many varieties, special attention deserves rough action... Its flowers are pinkish or white, but they are slightly rough to the touch. If you plan to plant this type of shrub, then choose those places that are protected from drafts and wind.

Action and its cultivation

Action, cultivation which will be successful if a number of requirements are met, blooms profusely if the sun's rays fall on it. But the presence of a slight partial shade provides a longer flowering.

As for the soil, then action graceful practically not capricious in this regard. The only thing is that the land mixture must be fertile and well-drained. It is advisable to take care of a moist substrate with a little lime content.

Note that action shrub is considered a winter-hardy plant. But, if the temperature drops below -30, it can freeze completely.

Hybrid action propagated by seeds or cuttings. If we consider diseases and pests, then all varieties of shrubs are resistant to them. Therefore, if all basic conditions are met, terry action will bloom for a long time, and there will be no problems with its cultivation.

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