Cousin of poplar - aspen

Nearest relative of poplar - aspen. The name of aspen in Latin means "trembling poplar". Aspen and poplar have a lot in common.

Plants that are similar in structure are considered related. flowers and fruits... A relative of poplar - aspen - has the same small nondescript flowers, collected in dense earrings and hanging from the branches of the tree during flowering.

Fruit poplar and aspen too very similar - long-oval capsules, small, the size of a grain of wheat. When ripe, the capsule disintegrates, releasing the seeds inside. Sprinkling out of the capsule, the seed with many finest hairs flies through the air for a long time, like a white fluff. Poplar fluff is abundant in our cities.

Aspen is a low-value tree, even useless for firewood. The trunk has rot inside at an early age, mature trees in the middle are almost all rotten. Aspen wood is used mainly for the manufacture of matches, chips, which in some areas cover the roofs.

In the southern regions, aspen growth causes certain harm to forestry. After the valuable oak forest is cut down, the aspen quickly takes over the area, free of plantings, and the oak already "does not let" there. Therefore, aspen in forestry is sometimes considered a real weed, which is very difficult to control. After cutting down an adult tree gives impetus to a mass of new root suckers, gradually covering an ever larger area.

True, there is a way to fight, but it is very laborious. From an adult aspen, you need to cut a wide ring of bark around the entire circumference of the trunk to the wood itself. As a result of this, the paths along which food flows from the leaves to the roots overlap. Not receiving the substances necessary for life, the roots weaken, gradually dying off. All root suckers die along with the tree.

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