Kislitsa in the photo and caring for her

Kislitsa in the photo looks very attractive. Moreover, even a novice florist can grow it, since the plant is quite unpretentious and hardy.

Caring for sour at home

Kislitsa, care for which it requires the fulfillment of basic rules, prefers bright, but slightly diffused light. The advantages of its cultivation include the fact that it is not afraid of drafts and wind. Therefore, the pot can be perfectly placed on the balcony or veranda.

As for the appropriate temperature regime, it depends on the season. For example, in spring and summer, it should fluctuate between 20-25 degrees. But in winter, the optimal temperature is considered to be + 12- + 17 degrees.

Room acid loves abundant watering. But you still need to monitor the condition of the top soil layer so that it is neither too wet nor too dry.

Do not forget to arrange daily water treatments for the flower. It needs to be sprayed regularly, especially in the spring and summer.

As a top dressing, complex mineral fertilizers and top dressing are used, which are applied to the ground, starting from April and up to August. During the dormant period, some species of acid may shed their foliage. Therefore, you should not think that the flower is sick.

Oxalis, reproduction which is carried out by cuttings, tubers or seeds, is transplanted once a year into a new pot.

As you can see, if all these basic requirements are fulfilled on your part, then the plant will delight you with lush flowering. Although not all sour sour varieties bloom.

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