We plant garden strawberries

Garden strawberry is a tasty and healthy berry, mistaken by many gardeners for strawberries. In fact, these are two completely different berries.

Planting garden strawberries, like planting any other plant, begins with soil preparation. Here's what to do:

  • remove pests - May beetle and wireworm
  • fertilize the soil
  • dig up the ground by 20-25 cm.

Types of planting strawberries

There are two of them - bush and strip. When bush planting, strawberry bushes are planted in a row at a distance of about 15-25 centimeters. The distance between the rows should be 40-60 cm. With this planting method, it is necessary to remove the antennae from the plant three times per season.

With the strip planting method, the distance to honey with bushes should be 20-30 cm, the gap between the rows should be 90 cm. Approximately 50 cm of the land you left between the rows will subsequently be taken by independently grown shoots.

Strawberries are usually planted in spring, from late April to mid-May. In this case, soil preparation should begin in the fall. Planting garden strawberries is also possible from mid-August to mid-September. In this case, the soil must be prepared 15 days before planting the bushes.

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