Growing and caring for raspberries

Growing and caring for raspberries interests many gardeners. After all, raspberries are an unusually tasty and healthy berry.

Raspberry prefers fertile soils with optimal moisture content... Raspberries love fertile soils, periodically the plant is fed organic and mineral fertilizers.

Raspberry treats well mulching... To do this, you can use weeds, grass, sawdust, tree leaves, shavings. Many gardeners advise growing raspberries on the trellis... This method significantly increases the yield.

It is also important to periodically control the density of shoots... Thickening leads to a decrease in yield and a decrease in the size of the berries. Weak shoots are periodically removed. Raspberry loves sunny places, therefore, it is advisable to choose an unshaded place on the site. The recovery period after planting lasts two years. In the first year, raspberries should not be allowed to bear fruit; for this, the flowers must be removed. Then the plant will direct all its forces to growth and development.

Picking berries raspberries should be regular... The berries are picked about three times a week. Thus, fewer berries will fall to the ground and the yield will increase. Raspberry care also includes regular weeding, loosening (shallow) soil, mulching. Pruning raspberries are spent in the spring. Raspberries belong to a low-winter crop, in late autumn its stems are bent down and then tied.

Proper cultivation and care of raspberries will definitely bring results.

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