Growing annual dahlias

Dahlias - incredibly beautiful large flowers belonging to the Aster family, with a variety of colors and shapes of inflorescences. Almost every gardener has more than one type of amazing flower in a flower garden.

Despite the stunning view, annual dahlias not so difficult grow on your site.

Annual dahlias grown by means of seeds, thereby bypassing the storage of planting material (tubers). Annual dahlia seeds can be purchased at every gardening store, and the assortment includes such a variety of varieties that it is very difficult to decide on the choice. As a rule, the package should indicate the height of the plant and the time of germination.

As a rule, seedlings are used for sowing.... In the fall, it is necessary to prepare a soil mixture from equal fertile components of the garden (earth, heated sand and humus). Before sowing the soil itself, it is recommended to calcine and disinfect with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Dahlias are sown depending on the variety, but more often the date falls on the end of April. The color seeds are large enough, and therefore, sowing them is absolutely not difficult. The seeds must be spread out in a seedling box on the surface of the soil, and then sprinkled with sand on top and slightly compacted. Sowing should be carefully watered with a sufficient moderate amount of water at room temperature. After a couple of weeks, the seedlings should be transplanted into a larger box at a greater distance from each other, or each seedling in a separate container.

Before disembarking, seedlings on a flower bed, at the end of May, it must be initially hardened, thereby gradually preparing the plant for planting on open ground.

Watch the video: How to grow Dahlias. Grow at Home. Royal Horticultural Society (January 2022).