Physalis in the photo. How to grow physalis

I guess, that physalis in the photo, and practically everyone has seen it in life. Physalis happens decorative, vegetable and berry.

Inside the flashlight, there is a fruit-berry that can have different tastes. This plant belongs to the nightshade family, like tomatoes, so their agricultural technology is similar. Varietal berry physalis are very tasty, and finding their seeds is not easy enough, moreover, you can never be sure that you have bought exactly the variety that you need, because Physalis in the photo looks very similar, no matter what variety is advertised.

In the southern regions, seeds of strawberry or Peruvian physalis are sown directly into the ground, and in the middle lane you need grow seedlings... When diving, it is better to bury the seedlings to the first leaf, the plant is strongly stretched. At the end of May, when the threat of frost passes and the earth warms up enough, the seedlings are planted into open ground or greenhouse... It is not necessary to spawn it, since the fruits are formed just on the lateral shoots. Physalis vegetable is also called Mexican tomato, it is grown in the same way as berry. The readiness of the fruit is determined by the yellowing of the lanterns.

The decorative physalis Franchet is a perennial and can reproduce vegetatively. In the fall, it is cut for drying. The leaves are removed and the plants are hung to dry. After a few weeks, bouquets are made from them. All physalis are great reproduce by self-seeding, sometimes just clogging up the garden.

Watch the video: Physalis Growing Guide Chinese lanterns by GardenersHQ (January 2022).