Japanese rhododendron and Katevbinsky rhododendron make a wonderful pair

Rhododendrons - decoration of any garden, amaze with their diversity and beauty of their flowers. Leaf shapes are also diverse - round, ovoid, elliptical, spear-shaped.

Rhododendron is a grateful and practically unpretentious culture... However, for a garden it is worth choosing a plant that will withstand the weather conditions of your strip, many rhododendrons are not winter-hardy or young shoots freeze slightly.

Of the most popular rhododendrons for the strip, where there are severe winters: Japanese rhododendron, Daurian rhododendron, Sikhotin rhododendron, yellow rhododendron, Caucasian rhododendron, Smirnov's rhododendron, Ketevbinsky rhododendron.

Suitable for rhododendron semi-muddy place with permeable soil. The soil under the rhododendron should not be loosened, since the surface roots are damaged and very carefully feed, only if necessary, apply special nitrogen fertilizers in the spring.

Rhododendron requires regular watering, it does not tolerate drought well, the water should not be cold and chlorinated.

After wintering, all damaged or dead parts should be cut out from the plant, and rejuvenating pruning can be done. After the rhododendron has faded, all the inflorescences must be carefully torn off or cut off so that they are not replaced.

If the rhododendron is planted in poor soil that is unsuitable for it, there are no nutrients and regular watering, then the plant weakens and is affected by pests, diseases and does not tolerate wintering well.

For reassurance, the plant can be covered with agrofibre for the winter and the root circle can be mulched.

When choosing a rhododendron, it is also worth considering the life form of the plant in order to properly distribute the rhododendrons. For instance, rhododendron japanese decorative from spring to autumn, with its green foliage, flowers and then orange-red color of foliage, but in winter the plant sheds leaves, so it should be placed next to a plant that is decorative in winter, for example, it can be planted rhododendron ketevbawhich is evergreen.

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