Growing pepper from seeds

Growing pepper from seeds begins with a careful selection of the latter. Just opening the bag and pouring its contents into the soil will not be enough to get a harvest of juicy fruits.

Pepper seeds must go through a thorough selection procedure, for which the seeds are placed in a weak solution of sodium chloride for about five minutes. Further, the following picture can be observed: some seeds surfaced, and some, on the contrary, ended up at the bottom. We need just those that sank to the bottom - they are heavier, which means they are capable of germination.

Selected seeds should be slightly dried and treat with a disinfectant solution, which can be potassium permanganate. Then it is recommended to rinse the seeds in water and dry them again to their original flowability.

Growing pepper from seeds moves on to the next stage. The containers should be prepared - these can be sowing boxes, pots with nutrient soil or cubes. The soil should be well moistened. Seed embedding is not deep.

If, when cultivating pepper, create optimal temperature conditions - 25-30 ° С, then the sprouts will sprout already on the 6th day, the spicy varieties are a little late - their sprouts will appear in a few weeks.

Sowing seeds in cubes or pots is much more convenient, since here you can skip picking events... The same seeds that sprouted in the box, upon reaching several leaves, should be dived into individual pots.

Being a moisture-loving crop, pepper needs frequent and abundant watering. However, with such an amount of moisture, the plant is not uncommon affected by black leg... Correct organization of ventilation of the room will help prevent this.

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